THERMATABLE 65x75 cm - Infrared Heating TableInfrared Heating Table

Unique innovation in outdoor heating.

Ideal for cafes, bars and snack bars.

Silent, safe and effective product, warms where nothing else can!

It‘s system that the red light turns instantly into heat in the body, focusing on exactly where you need ...

Patented product with two different models

Thermatable low.

  • Highly efficient infrared heating 360o
  • Smart remote
  • Automatic ambient temperature sensor
  • Automatic high temperature sensor
  • Automatic rollover sensor / tilt
  • Waterproof IP56

+ Heating
+ Energy saving
+ Ecology
+ Less power consumption up to 60%
Consumption of 0,17 € / hours


  • Great performance
  • Economy in Heating
  • low Price
  • Aesthetically
  • Simple installation
  • Energy saving up to 60%

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