THERMAROSA company represents the company STAR PROGETTI with the infrared heating products HELIOSA HI DESIGN.

The company has created a new line of electric heaters that encompasses the latest research findings in the infrared sector, into a single elegant design. The advanced technological characteristics of this range generate greater heat distribution with reduced energy consumption, and are in line with energy saving requirements.

The heaters produce heat via short wave infrared rays, which is radiated at maximum power a second after being switched on. In order to achieve the exceptional performance (+30% if compared with the previous models) of these heaters, Star Progetti has created heaters with exclusive, patented, parabolic reflectors which provide class leading heat performance whilst using less electricity. These appliances provide a very powerful heat source, with uniformity and directionality. These characteristics make the HELIOSA HI DESIGN range one of the best performing and elegant heater ranges available.

One of the most significant benefits of these products is the ability to divide the system over several areas, even small areas, with different operating temperatures, a function which is impossible with traditional systems. With infrared heaters it is possible to heat an individual workplace or area with exclusive, immediate efficiency.


  • Great performance
  • Economy in Heating
  • low Price
  • Aesthetically
  • Simple installation
  • Energy saving up to 60%

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